Movement Digestion & Heartburn Care – $33

Immediate Relief from Reflux, Indigestion, Nausea

Chakrafood Movement is a fermented herbal formula designed to raise the stomach’s digestive vitality* to the higest level by empowering the gastric muscles and re-activating smooth peristalsis.  Using the natural synergy of food-grade herbs that specifically address the stomach’s innate and optimal function.* Chakrafood Movement is the very first step that leads our body toward maximum absorption of nutrition.

Suggested Use

Take one granule pack right after each meal. Pour granules into mouth and chew until contents melt in the mouth. Use without water for maximum effectiveness. Take two granule packs at a time for heavier gastric symptoms.

Digestive Care Far Beyond Enzymes

Holistic, Self-healing Approach

Much more than just a combination of digestive enzymes, MOVEMENT is a food-grade, herbal formula designed to help enhance the stomach’s innate function – to move rhythmically and break down our food into absorbable nutrition.

In particular, a unique combination of soothing and strengthening herbs work together in the stomach to:

1. Re-activate smooth, rhythmic gastric movement.*

2. Strengthen the gastrointestinal muscles.*

3. Promote the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes.*

4. Protect the stomach mucous lining and regenerate damaged mucous cells.*

This healing mechanism makes MOVEMENT a revolutionary digestive formula that truly addresses the ailment’s fundamental causes to achieve robust and enduring digestive health.

Health Benefits

What are the benefits?

The ingredients in MOVEMENT naturally support the body’s ability to:

  • Re-activate smooth gastric movement *
  • Promote healthy skin cells *
  • Increase overall energy *
  • Support lymphatic circulation *
  • Aid immune system health *

Chakrafood MOVEMENT is recommended for helping with stomach ailments including:

  • Indigestion*
  • Nausea*
  • Stomach Ache*
  • Acid-reflux Symptoms*
  • Heartburn Symptoms*