Emptiness Diet Detox – $42

Amazing Relief, Every Morning (new, stronger formula)

Emptiness Diet Detox is our newly upgraded and most advanced detox formula at Chakrafood. As a slow-fermented food-based formulation from the Korean herbal heritage, Emptiness empowers the body to remove toxins and nourish our cells with vital nutrients and water. Now with Bitter Melon to aid in appetite control* and blood sugar management*, Emptiness Diet Detox delivers an even more well-rounded, deep, and thorough detox program.

Once liberated from toxins, our body can fully absorb and benefit from the food we eat, opening the doors to True Nutritional Healing.

Suggested Use

Take twice daily, 30 minutes before lunch & dinner for best results. Pour granules into mouth & rinse down with 16 oz. of water.

**If you have difficulty swallowing large amounts of content or have a condition that causes a constricted esophagus, please chew the granules very thoroughly before swallowing with water. For extra sensitive intestines, start with one packet daily. For severe constipation, take up to three packets daily.**

A Revolutionary Approach to Colon Care

Healing Detox: Soothing and Strengthening

Ingredient Synergy
A unique combination of soothing herbs, tonifying herbs, and probiotics work together in the GI tract to:

1. Warm and soothe the mucous lining.

2. Activate the enzymes and probiotics.

3. Strengthen the bowel muscles for smooth and thorough elimination of toxins.

Health Benefits

The ingredients in Emptiness naturally support the body’s ability to:

  • Smoothly and regularly remove toxins from the GI tract*
  • Promote clear, well-hydrated skin*
  • Support blood circulation*
  • Aid immune system health*
  • Promote higher overall energy*
  • Maintain healthy gut flora*
  • Aid in appetite control*
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels*