Fridays keep the doctors away!

It’s Toothpaste Tuesday at Chakrafood!

As a Korean traditional toothpaste used for bleeding and aching gums, our Pure Roots Botanical Toothpaste is also super tasty and refreshing 🙂

Our family of formulas!

Bon-apetit! Bon-healing!

Do you have Indigestion? Heartburn? Acid-Reflux?

Try our Korean Super Enzymes and have your favorite meals without pain!

Happy Monday everybody!

Have a great week of changing people’s lives!

Demo day at Berkeley Natural Grocery!

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Richard’s generous gift: Magnesium Bath Crystals!

So relaxing for a wonderful night’s sleep. Magical and natural!

Thank you for feeding us today Molly!

The best Rice, Beans & Salad combination ever.

So delicious it was humbling.