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Our Purpose

Our dream is to change the world through healing.

We formulate and produce truly life-changing remedies from history, rather than from temporary fads on tv.

We use mostly food-grade herbs like ginger and kiwi that are gentle on the body, then turn them into powerful healers through enzyme fermentation.

We partner exclusively with ethical and locally-owned businesses, where healing is the utmost priority.

Like love, healing is for everyone.

What We Do

We specialize in healing through Enzyme Therapy. As important to our well-being as oxygen and blood, enzymes play a central role in virtually all chemical reactions of our body including digestion, detoxification, energy production, cell regeneration, blood circulation, wound recovery and much more. We create enzyme supplements designed to reestablish our body’s optimal balance and health by targeting specific enzyme pathways that directly address your healing goals.

Our Formulation Philosophy


In addition to selecting ingredients with the highest curative properties, we design our formulations so that the ingredients can achieve the greatest healing synergy as a whole.


No remedy is more effective than our body’s own self-healing abilities. As a prime example, even cancer cannot be overcome without the help of a robust immune system. By restoring and enhancing our body’s own healing mechanisms via enzyme therapy, we offer some of the most natural yet potent health food supplements in the world.


How can we make the most impact with the least amount of consumption? This is the final step of our product formulation. The key is in our proprietary co-fermentation process. By choosing the right enzymes to ferment and break down the ingredients together, our enzyme supplements are much more easily absorbed by your body than other conventional dietary supplements.

Our Core Values

As great beneficiaries of society, we believe that philanthropy is most effective when made purposefully and consistently. To this end, we set aside a portion of profits each month to a place we call the “heart fund”. Once this amount reaches a threshold, we can fulfill the true purpose of our existence – to give back to those in greater need. Let’s be a seed of positive change. Together, we can move the world.

Adherence to honesty and integrity under all circumstances

Envisioning a long-term mission based on societal impact

Unwavering focus on our purpose to heal